FI reviews and assesses your application during the handling period. This page describes in more detail what this means and what steps are included in the process.

Handling period starts

FI's employees review your application and assess whether the conditions to grant the authorisation you have applied for have been met. The basis for this are the rules that apply to the authorisation in question.

Initial review – is the application complete?

Once the application has been received and the fee paid, the administrator conducts an initial overview to check that the application is formally complete.

In order for the handling process to progress as quickly as possible, it is therefore important for the application to be complete when it is submitted to us. If something is missing, this will delay the process since we may need to request supplemental information. If the supplemental information is not submitted before the specified deadline, we may reject the application.

Review team with a range of expertise

Once the application is complete, we review the documentation and consider whether the conditions for the authorisation are met. FI may also request supplemental information at this stage to reach a decision. If this is necessary, we will contact you.

In most cases, your application will be assessed by one administrator from a legal department and one administrator from a supervision department.

If we request supplemental information and do not receive the information before the specified deadline, FI may make a decision based on the documents that were submitted.

Contact during the handling period

During the handling period, you have contact with your appointed administrator. If supplemental information is required for your application, email the documents directly to your administrator and finansinspektionen@fi.se as copy. Remember to include the reference number in all communication with FI.

How you can influence the handling period

It is important for your application to be well-prepared. Remember that you, as the applicant, are responsible for describing how the planned activity will meet the requirements for the authorisation. You must also provide arguments for why FI should grant the authorisation.

Tips for faster handling
  • Your application will be handled faster and will be less expensive and more environmentally friendly if you submit it digitally.
  • If you submit your application on paper, do not staple the pages together. We scan all documents sent to us.
  • Before submitting you application, check that you have included all appendices, that all signatures have been included, that the power of attorney is included (if required) and that you have provided contact details (e.g. an email address).
  • Use the link Email your application/notification to finansinspektionen@fi.se (in Swedish) to create an email with all the information we need.
  • Only send one application per email. You are welcome to include an accompanying letter to assist our registrars.
  • Wait until you receive the administrator letter with information about payment and the reference number. Do not pay in advance. This makes it easier for our Finance department to match your fee with the right application and avoid overpayment. Include the reference number when paying.
  • Pay the fee immediately after receiving the administrator letter to avoid unnecessary reminders.
  • Remember that the application or notification may be rejected if FI has not received the payment within 30 days from the date the administrator letter was sent.
Last reviewed: 2022-01-13
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