Apply for authorisation

Does your firm need authorisation from FI to conduct your proposed operations? Would you like to apply for exemption from a regulation? Do you have new owners or members of management who need to be assessed for their suitability? Here you can find what you need to submit a notification or apply for or return an authorisation.

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Authorisation A-Z

FI is responsible for more than 400 authorisations. The following list contains links to more information about some of the most common authorisations:

A detailed list of authorisations is available in FI's Company Register. Select "Advanced Search" and "Authorisation". The generated list contains all of the current authorisations that FI has currently issued to firms.

Authorisation and notifications

Applying for authorisation and submitting notifications are both basically done in the same way.

FI always charges a fee for authorisation applications and in many cases for notification submissions.

One difference is that an application for authorisation leads to a decision, while a notification submission results in a confirmation.

An example of an application for authorisation is authorisation to conduct banking or financing business.

An example of a notification submission is a notification of an outsourcing agreement or notification of significant changes.