Before applying

Have you decided to apply for authorisation or do you want to know more about what it entails? Here you can find information that you should know before you apply for authorisation. See a list of the authorisations and rules that apply to different types of institutions, such as banks, insurance intermediaries and currency exchangers. You will also find helpful Q&As and information about handling times and fees.

Find the right authorisation

Information about handling times and application fees are available on our authorisation pages. These pages also describe what is required for an application to be considered complete.

From here you can reach the right authorisation page by searching for a specific type of institution, for example insurance intermediary or alternative investment funds:

Authorisation A-Z

FI is responsible for more than 400 authorisations. The following list contains links to more information about some of the most common authorisations:

A detailed list of authorisations is available in FI's Company Register. Select "Advanced Search" and "Authorisation". The generated list contains all of the current authorisations that FI has currently issued to firms.

You can also search using the following pages: authorisations for Banking, authorisations for Insurance and authorisations for Markets.


The amount of time it takes to handle an application depends on what the application is for. In some cases, this amount of time is determined by law, and in others FI has set up internal guidelines.

An application that is complete requires less time to process.


FI charges a fee for every application for authorisation. The fees vary depending on the authorisation to which the application refers.

Application fees (in Swedish)


Before submitting an application or notification, it is important that you read the regulations that apply to the matter in question. You need to describe for us how you meet the requirements to receive the authorisation/permission for which you are applying.

Regulations for activities within each section can be found here:

Regulations for Banking

Regulations for Insurance

Regulations for Markets

Power of attorney

If you are acting on the agency of another applicant, you should submit a power of attorney showing that you are entitled to represent that person. The power of attorney shall include the name of the agent and a description of the scope of the assignment.

Advice and advance notification possibilities

FI is not able to provide individual advice.

Advance notifications are only provided if you would like to find out whether you need to have authorisation to conduct insurance business for a planned activity. No other advance notifications will be given.

Processing of personal data

You will sometimes need to submit personal data when applying for authorisation from FI, for example with regard to persons discharging managerial responsibilities.

Processing of personal data (in Swedish)

Last reviewed: 2022-01-11