New procedures to enhance transparency

As of 1 January 2021, FI will implement new procedures for how it announces opened and closed supervision investigations.

Starting in January, we will publish information about the supervision investigations we have opened. This information will specify the type of investigation that has been opened and the names of the firms under FI's supervision that will be included in the investigation.

We will also publish in a similar manner the results of the supervision investigations, even in cases where they are closed without a sanction or other intervention. In this way, we aim to improve insight into the investigations we are conducting and the assessments we are making in our supervision.

We will publish information about opened or closed investigations on FI's website every day at 10 AM.

For firms under supervision, this means that FI will publish the information the day after they have been informed that a new investigation has been opened or an investigation has been closed.

The changes apply to all firms under supervision.

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