Banking or financing business

Banking business includes processing payments via general payment systems and receiving money on account, which after termination should be available to the claim holder within a maximum of 30 days.

Financing business includes commercial operations with the intention of receiving funds from the general public that must be repaid. This definition also includes granting loans and guaranteeing loans or, for funding purposes, acquiring claims or leasing personal property.

Banking or financing operations, with some exceptions, may only be conducted following the granting of authorisation by Finansinspektionen. The prerequisites for conducting banking or financing business are set out by the Banking and Financing Business Act (2004:297) and the Banking and Financing Business Ordinance (2004:329). Special rules for savings banks are set out in the Savings Banks Act (1987:619) and for members' banks in the Members' Banks Act (1995:1570).

Contents of the application

An application for authorisation to conduct banking or financing business should contain the information set out in Finansinspektionen's general guidelines (FFFS 2011:50) regarding application for authorisation to conduct banking or financing business. Please note that these general guidelines have not been updated, and they therefore do not refer to new regulations issued after the general guidelines entered into force. For example, FFFS 2005:1 for banking and financing business has been repealed; FFFS 2014:1 applies instead. The application should also take into consideration FFFS 2011:1, FFFS 2014:4 and FFFS 2014:5.

If the firm intends to provide advice in financial matters, the information set out in FFFS 2004:4 should be submitted to FI.

The application should be submitted in duplicate (two copies).


Applicants must pay a fee of SEK 910,000 in conjunction with the application. See the fact box for the payment procedure. FI also charges an annual supervision fee.

The application fee includes the approval of articles of association/by-laws. After being approved by FI, these must be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Handling time

FI will make a decision within six months provided that the application is complete and the fee is paid.

Other information

Firms which received authorisation to conduct banking or financing business must regularly report information to FI.

Payment procedure

  • FI registers the application, which is assigned a reference number.
  • FI then sends an administrator letter, which specifies the reference number, the applicable fee and instructions for how to pay the fee.

Do not pay the fee until you have received the administrator letter and reference number from FI.

Last reviewed: 2020-01-02