Financial stability

One of FI’s primary tasks is to promote a stable financial system that is characterised by a high level of confidence and well-functioning markets that meet the needs of households and firms for financial services.


Capital requirements of Swedish banks as of Q4 2023

Publicerad 2024-02-23

Finansinspektionen publishes the capital requirements of the largest Swedish banks and credit institutions that belong to supervisory categories 1…

Our supervision priorities for 2024

Publicerad 2024-02-08

Are consumers being offered the right services on the financial market? How is the sector delivering crucial services in an uncertain global…

d-SRI: A systemic risk indicator for Sweden

Publicerad 2023-12-14

In this FI-analysis we adapt the systemic risk indicator d-SRI to Swedish conditions. d-SRI is intended to give an early warning signal before crises…

FI leaves the countercyclical buffer rate unchanged

Publicerad 2023-12-13

In accordance with its assessment in the most recent stability report, FI is leaving the countercyclical buffer rate unchanged in the fourth quarter.…