The securities markets and their infrastructure are very important. If these markets cease to function, firms will not be able to be able to finance themselves or hedge themselves against financial risks. Here you will find information related to firms within the financial market as well as non-financial corporations and private individual, for example related to prospectuses and insider trading.

IMF assessment of the financial sector in Sweden is complete

Publicerad 2023-03-16

During 2022, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) carried out a special assessment of the financial sector in Sweden, a so-called FSAP (Financial…

Operational disturbances in TRS 2 on March 18–19

Publicerad 2023-03-07

There may be some minor disturbances in the TRS 2 system on March 18 and 19 in both the production environment and the test environment. The…

TRS 2 system closed on Wednesday, 15 March

Publicerad 2023-03-02

TRS 2 system closed on Wednesday, 15 March.

Correction of TRS 2 validation

Publicerad 2023-01-20

All submitting entities that received incorrect validations with error codes CON-070 and CON-160 may now resend the incorrectly rejected…