Consumer protection

We work to achieve a high level of consumer protection in the financial market. With the aim of strengthening private individuals’ financial knowledge, we also carry out national educational initiatives related to personal finances.

No extra insurance needed when buying a TV

Publicerad 2023-02-20

You do not need special insurance when buying, for example, a new TV or a dishwasher. This is the conclusion of our review of so-called gadget…

Is there a need for supplementary and gadget insurance?

Publicerad 2023-02-20

Consumers’ need for supplementary insurance differs by age. Younger consumers have a greater need for this type of insurance, while older consumers…

Large increase in suspected cases of investment fraud in 2022

Publicerad 2023-01-24

Despite the contracting economy and the uncertainty in both the Swedish economy and the world in general, investment fraud was on the rise last year.…

Greatest risk for repayment problems at so-called instant loan firms

Publicerad 2022-12-21

One out of six who borrow from a consumer credit institution, previously called instant loan firms, receives a collection notice. Among all lenders,…