Consumer protection

We work to achieve a high level of consumer protection in the financial market. With the aim of strengthening private individuals’ financial knowledge, we also carry out national educational initiatives related to personal finances.

Fraudsters use Bitcoin as bait

Publicerad 2023-10-25

It has become increasingly common for fraudsters to contact consumers by email saying there are cryptocurrencies registered at the person's email…

Warnings for investment fraud continue to increase

Publicerad 2023-08-16

Last year, Finansinspektionen (FI) published a record number of warnings of firms suspected of investment fraud. The trend continues. During the…

Open finance in Sweden

Publicerad 2023-06-28

Digitalisation introduces both opportunities and risks to the financial market. After conducting a new survey, FI has noted that broader regulation…

More common for fraudsters to say they work at authorities and companies

Publicerad 2023-04-19

Fraudsters want to establish a credible façade to be able to deceive consumers. One way of achieving this is to make it look like the consumer is…