About the countercyclical capital buffer

FI is tasked with setting a countercyclical buffer rate each quarter. The buffer rate is set today via FI’s regulations (FFFS 2014:33) regarding the countercyclical buffer rate.

When FI makes the assessment that the rate needs to be changed, new regulations are decided. Prior to such a change, the proposed regulations will be submitted for consultation in the same manner as other regulations and general guidelines.

When FI makes the assessment that the rate does not need to be changed, the decision by FI's Board of Directors is published on FI's website.

The Board of Directors, ahead of each new decision, will also determine the focus of the work to prepare the next decision. This, too, is announced on FI's website.

Countercyclical buffer rate and buffer guide

FI sets the countercyclical buffer rate for Sweden following a qualitative assessment that takes quantitative factors into consideration. An important but non-deciding factor is the countercyclical buffer guide, which is also set by FI. In addition to the buffer guide, FI also considers other quantitative variables that are relevant for assessing the cyclical systemic risks.

Last reviewed: 2017-01-24
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