Photo archive

Susanna Grufman,
Acting Director General

Henrik Braconier,
Cheif Economist
Marie Jesperson,
Acting Executive Director of Markets
Mats Eklund,
IT Director

Kati Hedberg,
Acting Executive Director
of Administration and
Operational Support

Åsa Larson,
Executive Director of
Eric Leijonram,
Chief Legal Counsel
and Executive Director
of General Counsel

Karolina Lirón Källåker
HR Director

Karin Lundberg,
Executive Director
of Banking
Annika Zervens,
Executive Director of

Johanna Fager Wettergren,
Head of Sustainable Finance

Lars Malmström,
Director Consumer Affairs
Therése Wieselqvist Ekman,
Senior Advisor, Financial Education

Last reviewed: 2022-11-21
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