The securities market and the infrastructure in the form of market places and transaction systems that have been built up around these market places are key to the financial system and hence the economy. If these markets cease to function, firms will not be able to manage their payments or hedge themselves against financial risks. Financial infrastructure firms make it possible for these markets to work. This area also includes fund management companies and securities institutions.

Photo: a display showing stock exchange prices

FI's general assignment is to promote a stable and well-functioning financial system that has well-functioning securities markets and comprehensive protection for consumers. We therefore conduct supervision and are responsible for the regulation of the securities markets and their infrastructure as well as the firms that conduct business on the securities market, including securities institutions and fund management companies.

FI is also responsible for national coordination, evaluation and follow-up of supervision related to money-laundering.

Under Markets we have gathered information about regulations, authorisation, supervision and reporting for financial firms within the financial markets, including fund management companies and securities institutions.

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