FFFS 2022:19

Regulations amending Finansinspektionen’s regulations (FFFS 2013:10) regarding alternative investment fund managers

In force from 2023-01-01 , amending FFFS 2013:10


The amendments stipulate that the provisions regarding the provision of key investor information documents and the language in these do not apply to key investor information documents that are drawn up, provided, amended and translated according to the EU regulation on key information documents for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products for non-professional investors (the PRIIP regulation).

The amendments are motivated in part by the fact that the PRIIP regulation started to be applied to actors in the fund area on 1 January 2023 and in part by the legislative amendments that the Swedish Parliament decided on 7 December 2022 due to Government Bill 2022/23:8, Key investor information documents and deadline for fund splitting.

Also amended in the regulations are the provisions regarding key investor information documents to be submitted when an AIF manager applies for authorisation to market alternative investment funds other than special funds and when a foreign AIF manager applies for authorisation to manage a special fund.
Lastly, a couple of clarifications are made in Chapter 1 of the AIF regulations regarding which of the regulation's provisions apply to foreign AIF managers that conduct operations in Sweden in accordance with Chapter 5, section 2 or 11 of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (2013:561).

The amendments enter into force on 1 January 2023. Amendment 2022:19