TRS 2 upgraded to a new system version

2018-11-26 | News Reporting Markets

On Monday, 26 November, TRS 2 was upgraded to a new system version.

The new system version contains improved functionality for transaction exchanges between supervisory authorities, changes related to the scanning and handling of reference data and the following updates:

  1. a change regarding error codes CON-411 and CON-412


    CON-411 was issued if the instrument was missing in the reference data.

    CON-412 was issued 1) immediately (without waiting seven days) if the instrument was not valid at a trading venue on the trading date and 2) if the instrument was still missing after seven days.

    After the upgrade:

    CON-411 will be issued 1) if the instrument is missing in the reference data or 2) if the instrument is not valid on the trading date (for seven days). The transaction report is given the status "PDNG".

    CON-412 is issued only if seven days have passed and no valid instrument is found in the reference data. The transaction report is given the status "RJCT".

  2. correction for improperly issued error code CON-023 ("Transaction report with the same transaction reference number has already been sent for the firm and not cancelled") for re-reporting of transactions that first have been recalled within the same TR file.

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