Capital requirements of Swedish banks as of Q3 2023

Finansinspektionen publishes the capital requirements of the largest Swedish banks and credit institutions that belong to supervisory categories 1 and 2 as of the end of Q3 2023.

Monitor what your funds are costing you

2023-11-15 | Funds News Consumer

Today, almost all households invest in funds, either directly through private savings or indirectly through our pensions. However, close to one third of fund savers are unaware of how high the fund fee is and many risk paying too much for their savings. We are, therefore, now publishing the most common fees for some popular fund categories to help consumers monitor what certain funds cost.

European Commission approves extension of the risk weight floor for Swedish mortgages

The European Commission has announced that it does not intend to object to FI's intention to extend the current risk weight floor for Swedish mortgages. This means that FI may implement the measure.

Protect consumers’ access to payment accounts

Banks restrict consumers’ access to payment accounts more than is necessary to manage money laundering risks. We want to see stricter requirements on banks to make assessments of consumers on an individual basis. Banks should also consider whether they can offer a more limited range of services instead of closing a customer’s account.

Fraudsters use Bitcoin as bait

2023-10-25 | Frauds News Consumer

It has become increasingly common for fraudsters to contact consumers by email saying there are cryptocurrencies registered at the person's email address. Consumers are told that these assets can be released for a fee. This is the conclusion of Finansinspektionen’s review of investment fraud cases during the third quarter of the year.

FI Supervision 27: Non-life insurance undertakings’ product approval processes

2023-09-21 | Reports News Consumer

The process for product approval is central from a consumer protection perspective. It aims to ensure that insurance undertakings focus on consumer interests when they develop and maintain insurance products. In an in-depth analysis that Finansinspektionen has conducted, we have seen a number of good examples of how undertakings work with and apply this process.

TRS 2 system closed on 27 September

2023-09-14 | News Reporting Markets

TRS 2 system closed on Wednesday, 27 September.

FI leaves the countercyclical buffer rate unchanged

In accordance with its assessment in the most recent stability report, FI is leaving the countercyclical buffer rate unchanged. The buffer rate of 2 per cent, which was applied starting on 22 June 2023, shall thus continue to apply. The countercyclical buffer guide is calculated at 0 per cent.

New risk weight floors for bank loans to commercial properties

Finansinspektionen has decided to introduce risk weight floors for exposures towards the commercial real estate sector according to article 458 in CRR. At the same time the current risk weight floor under Pillar 2 will be removed. The new floors will enter into force on 30 September 2023.

Planned maintenance of the TRS 2-systems test environment

2023-08-29 | News Reporting Markets

The TRS 2 system's test environment will be closed for maintenance on Wednesday, 6 September.