On Saturday, 10 June, until Sunday, 11 June, TRS 2 will be closed for maintenance

2023-06-02 | News Reporting Markets

It will be possible to submit TR files, but feedback will not be sent until after 12 pm on Monday 12 June.

Updated approach to assessing Pillar 2 guidance for Swedish banks

Finansinspektionen has decided on an updated approach for assessing the size of the Pillar 2 guidance for Swedish banks. The updated method contains in part new intervals and an upper limit on how much the outcome of the sensitivity-based stress test can contribute to the final guidance.

Currency exchanger My Change Scandinavia must cease its operations

Finansinspektionen has decided to issue an injunction to the currency exchange company My Change Scandinavia AB (My Change) to immediately cease its operations. The reason is extensive and severe deficiencies in the firm’s work to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Capital requirements of Swedish banks as of Q1 2023

Finansinspektionen publishes the capital requirements of the largest Swedish banks and credit institutions that belong to supervisory categories 1 and 2 as of the end of Q1 2023.

FI notifies the EU regarding the introduction of new risk weight floor for commercial real estate

Finansinspektionen has notified the Commission and the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) that it intends to introduce weight floor for commercial real estate in accordance with Article 458 of the CRR. This will replace the current Pillar 2 risk weight floors for exposures secured by commercial real estate. The measure is planned to be effective from 30 September 2023.

Executive Director Karin Lundberg to leave FI

2023-05-02 | News About FI

Per Nordkvist, currently the deputy executive director of the Banking section, will take over as acting executive director.

Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility AB receives authorisation as administrator of STIBOR under BMR

2023-04-21 | BMR News Markets

Finansinspektionen grants Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility AB (SFBF) authorisation as an administrator of STIBOR under the EU regulation on benchmarks (BMR).

FI welcomes inquiry into macroprudential policy

2023-04-19 | Mortgage News Bank

FI has taken several measures since 2010 to reduce the risks associated with households’ high levels of debt. These measures include the amortisation requirements and the mortgage cap. FI welcomes the Government’s announcement today presenting an inquiry to look more closely at how these measures have functioned.

More common for fraudsters to say they work at authorities and companies

2023-04-19 | News Consumer

Fraudsters want to establish a credible façade to be able to deceive consumers. One way of achieving this is to make it look like the consumer is being contacted by a real authority or a real company. This then creates trust, enabling the fraudster to convince consumers to pay made-up fees. Finansinspektionen has seen several examples of this during the first quarter of 2023.

Camilla Asp new member of FI’s Board of Directors

2023-04-13 | News About FI

The Government has appointed Camilla Asp to Finansinspektionen’s Board of Directors.