FI would like to see data on declined bank accounts

2022-06-09 | News Consumer Bank

Finansinspektionen views seriously the complaints from consumers who have been denied a bank account, and the authority is now encouraging banks to carefully maintain data on how many people are experiencing problems opening an account. This data will give a clearer overview of the situation and help find solutions.

"The lack of data is a big problem. We currently do not know if the complaints that FI and the Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau are receiving are the top of an iceberg," says Karin Lundberg, the executive director of the Banking section at FI.

At FI's meeting with the banks on 20 May, FI emphasised that it is important for the data to include everyone who is applying for a bank account, regardless of whether the application is considered to be complete. It is also important that the data show how many people are in the middle of the application process but have not yet had their application fully processed and how many have been denied.

It became apparent at the meeting that there are differing views on how extensive the problems with bank accounts are. However, there was still a shared perception that regardless of how many have been impacted, this matter should be taken very seriously. It is difficult for individual consumers who are denied an account or have had their account blocked or closed to take care of day-to-day responsibilities. FI therefore encourages the banks to prioritise this matter.

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