Erik Thedéen: Incentives vs. risk

“The fundamental problem is the potential conflict that inherently arises from the interplay between economic incentives and excessive risk-taking”, said Erik Thedéen in a speech on Thursday at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Erik Thedéen analysed the causes underlying this problem and presented some of the measures introduced to mitigate it.

Commercial real estate and financial stability

FI:s director general Erik Thedéens speech about commercial real estate and financial stability held at the conference DI Bank in Stockholm 10 maj 2017.

Thedéen: The role of macroprudential policy in Sweden

The financial crisis in 2008-09 demonstrated just how vulnerable the international financial system was and had enormous consequences for the economies in the western hemisphere. Even if traditional stabilisation policy tools, such as monetary and fiscal policy, were able to mitigate the crisis, they did not successfully prevent the build-up of risk that occurred over a long period of time prior to the crisis. The crisis therefore triggered the development of macroprudential policy, which aims to reduce the risk of financial crises and their subsequent effects.” It is with these words that Erik Thedéen began his speech at Finansdagen in Stockholm.

Banking capital in times of stress

Erik Thedéen, FI's Director General, speech at the UBS conference: 20th Annual Nordic Financial Services Conference in Stockholm.

The financial sector's role for sustainabilty

Erik Thedéen, FI's Director General, took part in a panel discussion arranged by Alecta today entitled Incentives for significant allocation of long term capital towards investments for a resilient and sustainable society. Erik Thedéen talked about sustainability work within the financial sector.

FI’s view on financial stability and the risks for financial imbalances

Erik Thedéen visited the Committee on Finance today for a Q&A session. He discussed the unprecedented economic conditions that Sweden is currently experiencing.

Erik Thedéen speaks to EU Parliament about new banking rules

Erik Thedéen is commenting today on the EU Commission’s proposed changes to banking regulations during a Q&A session in Brussels in EU Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON).

The value of capital buffers

2017-02-16 | Speeches and debate

FI Director General Erik Thedéen published today an opinion piece on the international news website, Bloomberg View, about the value of capital buffers.

A unique environment – how does it affect our supervision?

FI Director General Erik Thedéen’s speech at the Terminsstart Pension conference on 15 February 2017.


FI proposes new framework for macroprudential measures

FI shall be entitled to propose measures, the Government shall approve the measures and the Swedish Parliamentary Committee on Finance shall evaluate FI's work. FI Director General Erik Thedéen is presenting this framework in a speech today.


Measures against risks from household indebtedness

Summary of the speech by Finansinspektionen's Director General Erik Thedéen at the Centre for Business and Policy Studies' seminar on the economic situation on 19 November 2015.

Martin Noréus: Amortisation requrement and risk weights - two current issues for macroprudential policy

FI's acting Director General Martin Noréus held the speech "Amortisation requirement and risk weights – two current issues for macroprudential policy" at UBS annual Nordic Financial Services Conference on 10 September 2015.

Martin Andersson: Finansinspektionen and macroprudential policy

FI:s Director general Martin Andersson held the speech Finansinspektionen and macroprudential policy at Affärsvärldens Bank och Finans Outlook on 18 march 2015.

Martin Andersson: One year with the new macroprudential policy

FI:s Director general held the speech One year with the new macroprudential policy at Centre for Business and Policy Studies/Finance panel on 19 februar 2015.


Finansinspektionen's role in a framework for financial stability

Macroprudential supervision is not a new concept; it has always been a part of traditional supervision work. This statement was part of Martin Andersson's speech at the Bank & Finans Outlook conference on March 20.

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