Submitting invoices to Finansinspektionen

Suppliers can send e-invoices to Finansinspektionen. We prefer invoices in the format PEPPOL BIS Billing 3 sent via the PEPPOL network. Finansinspektionen does not accept invoices in PDF format that are sent by email.

Submitting e-invoices to Finansinspektionen

Finansinspektionen receives e-invoices via the PEPPOL network.

Our address in PEPPOL is: 0007:2021004235

The accepted format is PEPPOL BIS Billing 3. No routing is required to send e-invoices through the PEPPOL network.

Read more about PEPPOL:

Compulsory e-invoicing in the public sector (Agency of Digital Government)

How do I send an e-invoice via the PEPPOL network?

If you purchase services from a VAN operator today, contact them. The majority of VAN operators in Sweden are connected to the PEPPOL network, which means it will be easy for you to start sending e-invoices.

We cannot send e-invoices

If you are not able to send e-invoices, you can sign up for Finansinspektionen's free invoice portal. This portal makes it possible for you to easily send us an electronic invoice. This solution is intended for smaller suppliers that do not send many invoices.

Contact Finance by sending an email to and we will send you an invitation to the Invoice Portal. You can also register directly via Invoice Portal.

Content of e-invoices

Invoices must be marked with an FI invoice reference, which is a three-digit number. This reference number should be provided by the person who placed the order. This person's name must also be specified on the invoice.

FI's CIN and VAT identification number

CIN: 202100-4235

VAT identification number: SE202100423501

Questions about e-invoices

Last reviewed: 2021-08-27