Primary school

Pengalabbet - a web game for kids about day-to-day finances. The premise of the game is to earn and be responsible for a monthly salary. The game targets kids and their parents as well as Home Economics teachers. Players test different jobs with different salaries and decide how much they will spend on food, housing and other expenses.

By being forced to react to different options and situations that occur on a daily basis, kids learn to reflect over the things in their lives that cost money - and how much.

The game has previously existed as a physical exhibition by the Economic Museum 2016 and as a mobile application (app). These have now been replaced by a web-based game that has been updated and improved.

Svinnrik is an educational material aimed at home economics teachers at upper secondary school. The purpose of the initiative Svinnrik is to draw attention to the connection between food waste, sustainability and private finances. The learning material consists of exercises, challenges and shorter lecture films on the topic of food waste and personal finance that can be used in teaching.

The educational material is free of charge and advertising. The Svinnrik initiative is a cooperation between Finansinspektionen and the Swedish Food Agency.

Read more (in Swedish): Svinnrik (Gilla din ekonomi)


Vanda Brandt
Communications Officer


Niklas Uppenberg
Project Manager
Last reviewed: 2023-04-17