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Course for you who meet new arrivals in your work. Personal finance part 3 is an education for social- and health communicators as well as social secretaries and refugee workers. From the course, participants gain knowledge about, among other things, fraud, internet security and consumer law. You do not need to have participated in Personal finance part 1 and 2 to participate in part 3.

Personal finance part 1 and 2 have been completed and included, among other things, debts, pensions, financial ability, loans, insurance and banking issues. Topics that are important for new arrivals to be aware of when coming to Sweden from another country with knowledge from another economic system.


SFI-Ekonomi (SFI Finance) contains educational material about personal finances that is tailored to language classes for new arrivals. The material targets teachers who want to work with topics related to personal finances within the framework of the municipalities' language classes.

The material introduces Swedish terminology for private finances, provides orientation within the Swedish banking and payment system and clarifies important rights and obligations in simple Swedish. The material includes videos, a test and a handbook.

En enkel kurs i finans (A simple course in finance) is an open online course in economics for foreign-born. Coming to Sweden from another country with knowledge from a completely different economic system means that knowledge needs to be replenished. The course addresses, for example, topics such as housing loans, pension savings and other topics that can be difficult to understand without sufficient knowledge of the economic system in Sweden. The course is aimed at those who want to learn more about everyday economics.

The course is a continuation of the material "Your money and your finances" which can be used in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI).


Vanda Brandt
Communications Officer


Niklas Uppenberg
Project Manager
Last reviewed: 2023-04-17