Other authorities and organisations

We share the responsibility for consumer protection with several other authorities and organisations.

The Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints impartially tries disputes between consumers and firms.

The municipality where you live offers budgeting and debt advice. Many municipalities also offer consumer advisory services.

The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau and the Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau provide independent guidance at konsumenternas.se. Their website includes facts about different products and services on the financial market.

The Consumer Ombudsman defends consumers' interests against firms in a court of law.

The Swedish Consumer Agency supervises the marketing and loans of instant loan firms and in general works with a wide range of consumer-related matters. It coordinates the service Hallå Konsument!

The Swedish Enforcement Authority helps parties that did not receive payment (payee) and provides support and advice to the payer.

The National Swedish Debt Office administers the state deposit insurance and investor protection.

Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) upholds the protection of personal data.

International work

Finansinspektionen's counterparts in the other Nordic countries, within the EU, and in the rest of the world are also working for good consumer protection. FI actively participates in more than 100 different international boards, committees, working groups and other forms of collaborations to actively influence regulations and supervision within the area of consumer protection.

Foreign national supervisory authorities

Last reviewed: 2021-11-17