In Authorisation Administration (in the Reporting Portal), authorised signatories or Company Administrators can delegate authorisation for reporting on behalf of a legal person (company).

For a foreign company, you become a Company Administrator by registering the company in the Reporting Portal and adding you and others as representatives. The persons added as representatives will automatically be assigned the role of Company Administrator when they have registered an account. If the company has already been registered, please have a signatory of the company send an email to, stating who should additionally be assigned the role, this person needs to be registered as a user.

For a Swedish company, you will automatically become an authorised signatory if:

  1. your company has completed the registration process in the Reporting Portal,
  2. you are registered as the authorised signatory with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, and
  3. your company has a Swedish CIN. FI's system will add you or remove you as an authorised signatory as you are registered with or de-registered from the Swedish Companies Registration Office.
Register foreign company - Video Guide

Last reviewed: 2022-01-12