FFFS 2009:5

Regulations amending Finansinspektionen's regulations (FFFS 2007:17) governing operations on trading venues

In force from 2009-11-15 , amending FFFS 2007:17


The regulations regarding ownership and management suitability assessment in Chapter 2 have been amended due to the new Acquisition Directive in the EU. The biggest change is in the appendices to the regulations, which contain an exhaustive list of the information that must be provided to FI during an ownership and management suitability assessment (Appendix 1a-c and Appendix 2). An exemption is possible if the information does not correspond to the benefit FI experiences during the assessment or if the requirements are not adapted to the party that is the acquirer and the nature of the acquirer. The amendment will enter into force on 15 November 2009. Amendment 2009:5