Proposal to change Finansinspektionenʼs Regulations (FFFS 2014:33) regarding the countercyclical buffer rate

Finansinspektionen proposes to raise the countercyclical buffer rate to 2,5 percent. The rate is currently at 2 percent. The change will be effective from the 19 September 2019.

The buffer rate is increased in order to strengthen the resilience of the Swedish banking sector. A higher buffer improves the financial system's capacity to withstand shocks.

The countercyclical buffer for Sweden was activated on 8 September 2014, when Finansinspektionen decided to issue new regulations concerning a countercyclical buffer rate. These regulations established the countercyclical buffer rate at 1 per cent, effective as of 13 September 2015. Since then, the buffer rate has been raised twice, and is now at 2,0 percent. Since the last increase, systemic risks associated with lending and risk taking have continued to increase. FI therefore proposes to further raise the buffer rate.

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