Personal injury claims handling – a follow-up review

2019-04-11 | Reports Insurance

Insurance undertakings have taken steps to develop IT systems, customer communication and quality assurance since FI published its previous report on personal injury claims handling in 2017.

FI surveyed ten insurance undertakings and Insurance Sweden about whether they have taken measures or planned to take measures related to claims handling, competence, IT systems, information provided to injured parties and quality assurance since the previous report.

The surveyed undertakings had implemented a number of measures, in particular with regard to IT systems, customer communication and quality assurance. FI makes the assessment that the changes to the undertakings' IT systems facilitate correct and uniform handling of claims. The changes also provide better opportunities for quality assurance, follow-up and analysis. FI takes the position that is crucial for affected firms to prioritise the measures required to modernise the IT systems. Otherwise, it may take much too long for the measures to have a full impact on the claims handling process.

FI considers the insurance industry's initial efforts to be positive, particularly given the short period of time that has passed since the previous report. FI will continue to follow up on the developments in the area and adapt its supervision to changes in the industry.

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