Resurs Bank receives a remark and an administrative fine

2022-06-22 | Sanctions Consumer Bank

Resurs Bank is being issued a remark and must pay an administrative fine of SEK 50 million.

Finansinspektionen investigated Resurs Bank's credit assessments. The investigation covered granted loans that consumers applied for during the period June–September 2019. The credit amounts ranged between SEK 80,000 and SEK 400,000.

The investigation shows that Resurs Bank has been deficient in its credit assessments. The bank used incomplete information about consumers' debt, completely disregarded some key information for consumers, and did not perform adequate controls of the income information submitted by the consumer. Finansinspektionen thus makes the assessment that Resurs Bank's credit assessments have not been based on sufficient information about the consumers' personal finances, and as a result the bank is in violation of section 12 of the Consumer Credit Act. The bank also did not observe good credit practice pursuant to section 6 of the same act.

The violations have been such that Finansinspektionen considers there to be grounds on which to intervene against Resurs Bank. The violations are not so serious that there is cause to consider withdrawing the bank's authorisation or issuing the bank a warning. Finansinspektionen therefore is issuing Resurs Bank a remark that will be accompanied by an administrative fine of SEK 50 million.