FI works with educational projects related to financial matters. These projects include information and educational initiatives that target groups of all ages and life situations.

Learn more about personal finance

Gilla din ekonomi (Like your finances), gives consumers free independent facts and information designed to help you better navigate your personal finances.

In FI:s consumer room, consumers will find tips and information on everything from loans, insurance and various forms of savings to how to think in order to avoid being exposed to investment frauds.

FI is a partner in the following educational projects:

  • Upper primary school – Pengalabbet: a web game about day-to-day finances and Svinnrik: educational material about food waste and personal finance for home and consumer teachers in upper primary school.
  • Upper secondary school - Koll på cashen (Keep Your Cash), personal finances
  • Post-secondary - Pensionskunskap (Understanding Pensions) for students studying HR and economics
  • Working professionals - Trygga din ekonomiska framtid (Protect Your Financial Future), personal finances for working professionals
  • Seniors - Tryggare ekonomi på äldre dar (Secure your finances in old age), personal finances and family law for pensioners
  • New arrivals in Sweden : New in Sweden – Course for people who work with asylum seekers, SFI-ekonomi (SFI Finance), personal finances as part of language classes for new arrivals and A simple course in finance: an open online course in finance for people born abroad.

Cooperation with The Swedish National Network on Financial Education

  The Swedish National Network on Financial Education a nationwide network for educational initiatives related to personal finances. The network consists of authorities, organisations and financial firms. The Swedish National Network on Financial Education's objective is to improve consumers' understanding of their personal finances by sharing knowledge through various informational and education projects. This is achieved primarily through educational initiatives where the network trains instructors who can spread the knowledge to others. These instructors in turn are expected to train or inform others, so the knowledge continues to spread.

FI is an active member of The Swedish National Network on Financial Education and sits on the network's program board. FI is responsible for the network's administration and communication and thus has a coordinating role in The Swedish National Network on Financial Education. Like Your Finances (Gilla din ekonomi) brand are used for joint educational initiatives and the networks educational materials have Like Your Finances graphic profile.

Amanda Westerström
Project Manager

Niklas Uppenberg
Project Manager

Vanda Brandt
Project Manager