FI aims for unchanged countercyclical buffer rate in June

The next occasion on which Finansinspektionen (FI) will decide on the countercyclical buffer rate is in June. FI's Board of Directors decided on 18 April 2016 that the preparatory work ahead of the next decision shall focus on maintaining the rate at its current level, two per cent.

FI shall set a countercyclical buffer rate each quarter. The buffer rate is set today via Finansinspektionen's regulations (FFFS 2016:15) regarding the countercyclical buffer rate.

When FI makes the assessment that the rate needs to be changed, FI's Board of Directors decides on new regulations. Prior to such a change, the proposed regulations are submitted for consultation in the same manner as other regulations and general guidelines.

When FI makes the assessment that the rate does not need to be changed, the decision by FI's Board of Directors is also published on FI's website.

In advance of every new decision, the Board of Directors also decides on the focus of the preparatory work for the next decision. This, too, is announced on Finansinspektionen's website.