Maintenance of TRS2 system planned for beginning of January 2021 in conjunction with Brexit

Due to Brexit, ESMA will have a maintenance window from 31 December 2020 through (preliminarily) 7 January 2021.

For more information, go to "ESMA updates Brexit statements for the end of UK transition period (ESMA)".

During this period, there will be no new reference data from ESMA. Instead, the TRS 2 system will validate transactions against the most recently available reference data – as per 30 December 2020. Once FI has received updated reference data from ESMA, the TRS 2 system will need to be closed for maintenance.

Due to the service windows at both ESMA and FI related to Brexit, it is possible that some transactions could be assigned the status "PDNG", remain at "PDNG" for seven days, and then become "RJCT" since correct reference data will still not have been received from ESMA. There may also be other disruptions to the TRS 2 flow.