FI closes investigation into EQT AB

2022-09-09 | Market abuse News Markets

Finansinspektionen has closed an investigation into whether EQT AB was in violation of EU’s Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) when the company disclosed information on 7 September 2021 regarding a revision of the existing lock-up agreements. FI has closed the investigation.

Firm under investigation


Why did we open the investigation?

FI's assignment includes investigating and intervening against violations of MAR, such as violations of Articles 17 and 18 of MAR related to issuers' disclosure to the public of inside information and handling of insider lists.

FI has investigated whether EQT violated Articles 17 and 18 of MAR in conjunction with the company's disclosures on 7 September 2021 following a change in its lock up agreements.

What conclusion did we reach?

FI has made the assessment that the conditions were met for EQT AB to delay the disclosure of inside information pursuant to Article 17(4) of MAR until 7 September 2021 in the manner that it did. The investigation has resulted in some observations regarding the insider list that Finansinspektionen assessed to be violations pursuant to Article 18. Given the nature of the violations, there is no cause for Finansinspektionen to take additional action based on the investigation. The investigation will thus being closed.