FI leaves the countercyclical buffer rate unchanged

FI leaves the countercyclical buffer rate unchanged. The buffer rate of 2 per cent, which will be applied as of 22 June 2023, shall thus continue to apply. The countercyclical buffer guide is calculated at 0 per cent.

The table shows the current buffer rate as well as future buffer rates that have been decided.

Current buffer rate Future buffer rate (effective date)
0 per cent 1 per cent
(29 September 2022)
2 per cent
(22 June 2023)

During periods of strong economic growth and high lending growth, banks should create so-called countercyclical capital buffers that they can then draw upon during periods of financial uncertainty. The objective of such capital buffers is to enhance the banks' resilience and prevent future financial crises. To calculate the size of their capital buffer, the banks use a countercyclical buffer rate.

According to the Capital Buffers Act (2014:966), FI must change or determine the countercyclical buffer rate when necessary. According to the same Act, FI must calculate a countercyclical buffer guide for each quarter.