Finansinspektionen introduces new online tool for applications

The objective of the new online tool is to facilitate and streamline the application process at FI. It should be easy to submit an application to Finansinspektionen correctly and difficult to submit an application incorrectly. It will also be possible to track an application through the different stages of FI’s processing. The first applications that can be submitted via the new online tool will be management and owner management suitability assessments, and this module is expected to be operational in the autumn.

Digitalized application process

The new online tool fully digitalizes the application process for both applicants and the FI employees processing the applications. All communication within and regarding the application process will occur via the online tool. Management and owner management suitability assessments will serve as the pilot cases.

Multiple advantages

The advantages of the online tool include a clear overview of ongoing applications, more secure communication between FI and the firms, and automatic controls to help ensure that submitted applications are complete. We invited representatives from industry associations and some of the largest agents to provide feedback and specifications during the development of this part of the tool.


Users must first register with FI's authorisation system before they may gain access to the new online tool. It is possible to go in and register already now:
Register an account.

Users who will represent a company must have received authorisation to act as a representative (rapporteur) for the company. This authorisation is assigned by the company's administrator or authorised signatory. The functionality for assigning authorisation for the new online tool is expected to be available during the summer of 2022.


The goal is to start using the new online tool during the autumn of 2022 for the two pilot cases: management suitability assessments and owner management suitability assessments. Ultimately, the online tool will be expanded to include other types of authorisation.

FI will provide more information in the future about the tool and the date it will be available. Updates on the online tool will be published on our website.