Marie Lindström new communications director

2024-02-15 | News About FI

FI has named Marie Lindström its new communications director.

Our supervision priorities

2024-02-08 | About FI

FI’s mandate is to supervise the financial sector to ensure firms are compliant with the rules and the sector is functioning well. The financial market is large and complex, and we have limited resources. We cannot be everywhere, all the time. One condition for us to be able to carry out our mandate is that we conduct what we call effective and communicative supervision.

Jon Thor Sturluson new chief economist at FI

2024-02-02 | News About FI

FI has named Jon Thor Sturluson its new chief economist. He will take over the role no later than 1 May 2024 and join FI’s management team.


Henrik Braconier new executive director of Banking

2023-08-15 | News About FI

Henrik Braconier is the new executive director of Banking. For the past nine years, Henrik has served as Finansinspektionen’s chief economist.

Daniel Barr new member of EIOPA’s Board of Supervisors

2023-07-07 | EIOPA News About FI

Finansinspektionen’s (FI) Director General Daniel Barr joined the Board of Supervisors of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) in July 2023.

Deputy director general Susanna Grufman leaving Finansinspektionen (FI)

2023-07-04 | News About FI

Susanna Grufman, deputy director general and executive director of Markets, is leaving FI for the Riksbank.

Executive Director Karin Lundberg to leave FI

2023-05-02 | News About FI

Per Nordkvist, currently the deputy executive director of the Banking section, will take over as acting executive director.

Camilla Asp new member of FI’s Board of Directors

2023-04-13 | News About FI

The Government has appointed Camilla Asp to Finansinspektionen’s Board of Directors.


2023-03-01 | About FI

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We have made some changes to our website

2023-03-01 | Payments News About FI

As of 1 March, we have a new heading in the main navigation panel of our website: Payments. Here you will find all information related to activities within the payments sector.

Daniel Barr new Director General of Finansinspektionen

2023-02-09 | News About FI

The Government has today appointed Daniel Barr as the new Director General of Finansinspektionen.


Finansinspektionen’s strategy to prevent greenwashing

FI’s strategy for preventing greenwashing in the financial sector aims to safeguard the trust in sustainable investments and a sustainable finance market.

Roadmap for sustainable finance

In 2019, FI’s overarching mandate was expanded to include a responsibility to ensure that the financial system contributes to sustainable development. FI is also the responsible supervisory authority for a number of new regulations related to sustainable finance that are the result of the EU’s ambitious sustainability agenda.

Therese Östling Waller new HR director

2022-11-30 | News About FI

Therese Östling Waller is currently the HR manager at SVT. Therese has extensive experience within HR, including from the Swedish Public Employment Service, where she was head of the HR department for several years.

Susanna Grufman takes over as acting director general

2022-11-21 | News About FI

Susanna Grufman has been the deputy director general since March 2020 in addition to her role as executive director for Markets. She will take over today, 21 November, as acting director general as Erik Thedéen steps down from his role as director general to become the head of the central bank.

New operational section for payments and preparedness

2022-10-28 | Payments News About FI

FI will create a new operational section to focus on payments and preparedness.

Jacob Henriksson new executive director for Administration and Operational Support

2022-06-29 | News About FI

Jacob Henriksson comes most recently from the Swedish Fortifications Agency where he worked for almost five years as CFO and deputy director general.

Erik Thedéen to step down from FI

2022-06-17 | News About FI

Erik Thedéen will step down from his role as director general at FI on 1 January 2023 to become the head of Sweden’s central bank.

Finansinspektionen introduces new online tool for applications

2022-04-26 | News Reporting About FI

The objective of the new online tool is to facilitate and streamline the application process at FI. It should be easy to submit an application to Finansinspektionen correctly and difficult to submit an application incorrectly. It will also be possible to track an application through the different stages of FI’s processing. The first applications that can be submitted via the new online tool will be management and owner management suitability assessments, and this module is expected to be operational in the autumn.