2022:1 Asylum seekers’ access to financial services

In this document, FI states its position on asylum-seeking refugees’ access to financial services in cases where the asylum seeker is lacking identity documents. The position replaces FI's previous memorandum (FI Ref.16-2898).


Erik Thedéen: Crypto-assets today and in the future

” Ultimately, this is about energy efficiency. Energy is a scarce resource, and as a society, we have invested heavily in energy-efficiency improvements across all sectors. We need to consider a similar technology shift for crypto-assets.”

FI’s prioritised areas for 2021

Are the banks conducting thorough credit assessments when customers apply for consumer credit? Are smaller banks and payment service firms taking sufficient measures to prevent money laundering? What risks will the coronavirus pandemic pose in the future? These are three areas that Finansinspektionen (FI) will look more closely at in 2021.

Finansinspektionen’s prioritised areas for 2021

Consumer protection, money laundering and risks that the coronavirus pandemic may pose in the future are three areas that FI will look more closely at in 2021.

Terrorist financing

Activities that constitute “terrorist financing” are described in the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (the Anti-Money Laundering Act).



SMS loan companies to routinely identify their customers

The SMS loan companies report that they have improved their routines to identify their customers after an investigation by Finansinspektionen.