More common for fraudsters to say they work at authorities and companies

2023-04-19 | News Consumer

Fraudsters want to establish a credible façade to be able to deceive consumers. One way of achieving this is to make it look like the consumer is being contacted by a real authority or a real company. This then creates trust, enabling the fraudster to convince consumers to pay made-up fees. Finansinspektionen has seen several examples of this during the first quarter of 2023.

Rising interest costs putting pressure on mortgagors

2023-03-28 | Mortgage News Stability

Mortgagors are under pressure from rising interest rates. At the same time, the majority of new mortgagors continue to have good margins in their personal finances. These are the conclusions drawn by Finansinspektionen in this year’s Swedish Mortgage Market report, which is being presented today.

No extra insurance needed when buying a TV

You do not need special insurance when buying, for example, a new TV or a dishwasher. This is the conclusion of our review of so-called gadget insurance, which is often offered in retail. If you have home insurance, you have good protection.

Large increase in suspected cases of investment fraud in 2022

2023-01-24 | Frauds News Consumer

Despite the contracting economy and the uncertainty in both the Swedish economy and the world in general, investment fraud was on the rise last year. In 2022, FI issued 3,471 warnings – 25 per cent more than in 2021. One new observation during the year is that fraudsters more frequently demand payment in bitcoin to avoid detection.


Greatest risk for repayment problems at so-called instant loan firms

2022-12-21 | News Consumer

One out of six who borrow from a consumer credit institution, previously called instant loan firms, receives a collection notice. Among all lenders, one out of five unsecured loans was approved for a person who does not have any money left after paying their monthly subsistence costs. Given the expected economic development – high inflation and higher interest rates – this percentage could increase to every third borrower. All of these observations indicate that credit assessments are insufficient. This is the conclusion of a consumer credit survey that FI is presenting today.

SIP Nordic receives a warning and an administrative fine

2022-11-18 | News Consumer Markets

SIP Nordic Fondkommission AB (SIP Nordic) is receiving a warning and must pay an administrative fine of SEK 6.7 million.

Celina Fondförvaltning receives warning and administrative fine

2022-11-16 | News Consumer Markets

Celina Fondförvaltning AB (Celina) is receiving a warning and must pay an administrative fine of SEK 10 million.

Do you need insurance for your new TV?

When purchasing a mobile telephone, TV or appliances, for example, you often receive an offer to buy insurance for the newly purchased item. FI will now review whether so-called product insurances create unnecessary costs for customers without providing extra protection.

Svea Bank and Resurs Bank receive remarks for insufficient credit assessments

2022-06-22 | News Consumer Bank

Svea Ekonomi, which has now merged with Svea Bank, and Resurs Bank have been deficient in their credit assessments of consumers who received large unsecured loans. Both banks are therefore receiving a remark and an administrative fine of SEK 45 million and SEK 50 million, respectively.

FI would like to see data on declined bank accounts

2022-06-09 | News Consumer Bank

Finansinspektionen views seriously the complaints from consumers who have been denied a bank account, and the authority is now encouraging banks to carefully maintain data on how many people are experiencing problems opening an account. This data will give a clearer overview of the situation and help find solutions.